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Constitutional realities

This domain is about the individual’s assigned role in nature. From birth to be limited or specialized in one way or another. Not in relation to social structures like generation, class, gender roles, etc., but in a more constitutional sense. Where we are not more or less, higher or lower, only different. Man do not have wings and he or she is not able to fly, like the birds, for example. Sex is perhaps the most fundamental specialization. Due to being born man or woman we will be cut off from certain experiences. However, the subject may also be understood more generally: No one can be “everything”. A question we can put forward to the material is: : What do the interviewees says that can help us to understand how they relate to the constitutional realities in life?

Themes and reflections that relates to this domain are grouped under the following headings: Women and men, and Switching sex and androgyny.

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