Existential conditions

“Werbart (2000) writes that humans are “irretrievably doomed to live as separate ‘in-dividuals’, dependent on each other, divided into two sexes and several generation, vulnerable and mortal …” (p. 37). In another place the same author writes that we have to “accept existential terms: Our privacy as separate individuals, our division into two sexes, and the impossibility to be both, the division in parental and child generations, our aging and our mortality” (Werbart, 1996 , p. 14). From these two quotes seven “reality domains” have been created which will be used as a template. Under these domains responses and reflections have been gathered that are experienced to be relevant for the respective domain. Thoughts based on interviews mixed with reflexions out of earlier research. These domains are named as follows: allocative, constitutional, vertical, horizontal, capacitive, declinative, and terminal realities. These names will be further defined in connection to respective section.

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